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Thai Massage / What is Thai Massage

Thai Massage background

Thai Massage or Traditional Thai Massage is a massage that comes from Thailand and based on massage methods that come from Far East.

Thai massage includes massage techniques from China, Korea, Vietnam and India.

It is an ancient massage method which was existed in Thailand for about 2,500 years and in fact it is an integral part of the daily routine of the Thai people.

Thai medicine is based on herbs combined with Thai massage.

The other name of Thai massage is what we call Yoga Massage, the therapist also performs movements based on the yoga poses together with the patients.

Thai massage is considered as an intense massage and combine techniques of stretching, pulling, pressing and swaying from one side to another which gives the patient a complete relaxation.


Oren Thai Touch Massage and Spa provides original and authentic Thai massage in high end Thai Spa designed especially to give you the same experience like you are in Bangkok ,Thailand. 

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Thai massage positions

Thai massage vs Swedish massage


The Thai massage techniques is different from the Swedish massage, first of all because it does not use oil or any other cream.

A Thai massage is performed when the patient is dressed in comfortable clothes and on a hard mattress on the floor or any other hard surface and not on a massage bed as in a Swedish Massage or any other Western massage.

The main reason is  during the treatment the masseur perform presses on the patient and therefore a hard mattress is needed, as well as yoga stretches require work on the floor and not at height to prevent work accidents and the possibility of a wider range of action.

For those who love Swedish massage that combines oils, it is highly recommended to try the

Traditional Thai massage which is completely different experience.

If you like massage with oil you can ask for a Thai massage combined with oils.


To book an appointment for traditional Thai massage treatment (dry) click here

To book an appointment for Thai massage treatment combine with oils click here

To book an appointment for Thai massage with special aromatic oil -  our best seller Signature Massage click here

Thai massage will be perform between 60 minutes and 120 minutes.

Thai massage has many benefits and after the massage you will have a great feeling, your body will be more relaxed and renewed with an amazing energy.

The main benefits of the massage are listed below:

  •  Helps reduce muscle tension and relieve stress

  • Helps with migraines and frequent headaches

  • Very helpful for back pain and lower back pain

  • Improving stability and flexibility

  • Calms the nervous system

  • Gives a sense of energy uplift


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Thai massage benefits

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